Things We Love represents an entirely new way of communicating financial concepts in retirement savings.

This highly visual campaign engages the reader with various topics related to saving for by presented information in delightful and unexpected formats. The result is a campaign that is a significant departure in tone, look, and feel from other industry engagement campaigns.

creative process

Our creative process for developing Things We Love is grounded in our unique interdisciplinary approach.

Things We Love invites people to contemplate their own retirement story without using complicated industry jargon, fearful messages, and without trying to push them into financial products or services.

current mindset of users

Often people saving for retirement have the following mindsets:

  • Low levels of trust in financial institutions.
  • Lack of understanding about the basics of savings and investing.
  • Low levels of self-confidence in financial decision-making.

The strategy for this campaign is based on: 1) building trust with savers, 2) increasing participants’ financial courage.

Unless we build trust, messages about the importance of saving more will simply fail to make a meaningful and emotional connection with audiences, and will not result in positive behavior change.

campaign highlights

Things We Love campaign is comprised of the following elements.

“Flash Cards” (Set of 10), offering information and tips for successful retirement savings planning, (print and digital).

Life Map, inviting participant to find themselves in their own life journey, (print and digital).


Things We Love: Impact.

Things We Love is an analog campaign to our award winning Your Whole Story campaign we did for NAGDCA.

Your Whole Story has been able to increase plan participation by 24% and savings rate increases by 24%.  You can access a case study on Your Whole Story here.


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